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Even if your insurance claim has been accepted in full, problems can still follow. If your insurance company is delaying payment, because they claim they are investigating or making a coverage determination, you want a lawyer who will stand up and get you the payments you are owed in a reasonably timely manner. At the Phoenix Law Office of Douglas F. Dieker PC, we can help you get the insurance payments you deserve on time.

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In Arizona, insurance companies must fulfill claims within a reasonable time, for all types of insurance policies. While every policy is different and every claim has its own unique set of circumstances, every policy holder deserves to receive the proceeds of their claim in a timely manner.
We will investigate the many variables in your case and work through the complexity of your claim. The fulfillment of claims depends on the amount of damage, the contents of your home, and other factors. Looking closely at the language of your policy, we will determine when and how payments should be made and hold your insurance company responsible for timely payments.

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A delay in payment of your insurance plan is a serious concern and unpaid benefits can lead to serious problems down the road. Offering evening and weekend appointments throughout the Valley, in addition to weekly business hours in our Phoenix law office, we are ready to help you find solutions. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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